WDTx Portable Transmitter

The WDTx is a man portable low power transmitter that is designed to provide a localised ambient RF field for use with passive command wire detectors that utilise the AM frequency band.

The unit broadcasts on single frequency and has been designed to operate within the coverage of Electronic Counter Measures commonly used in Counter IED operations.

The unit is designed to be deployed with Search Teams operating in areas of the world where there may be areas of low ambient signal, it is simple to operate, lightweight and can utilise either statically i.e fixed to a tripod (not supplied) or attached to military patrol rucksacks. The unit is supplied in a Peli-Hardigg Storm case for storage and transportation.

1) Range from the antenna to the closest point on wire
2) Range is dependent on environmental conditions, such as;-soil type and moisture


1 X Transmitter with ATP Molle compatible cover
1 x Control Unit/Power Unit
1 x Connector cable
1 x Peli Hardigg Storm Case

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