Mine Prodder Non-Magnetic Mine Prodder

The Guartel Non- Magnetic Mine Prodder has been designed to conform to the United Nations International Mine Action Standards (IMAS). The 30 cm probe is manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel and is non-magnetic. A 6mm thick polycarbonate hand guard with a STANAG 2920 V 50 rating of 240ms helps protect the deminer's hand from the effects of blast & fragmentation from Anti-Personnel mines, the handle of the prodder is manufactured from grey Makrolon.

Compact Mine Prodder

NATO Stock Number -6665-99-725-1599The Compact Mine Prodder provides the user with the capabilities of a standard mine prodder with the added benefit that all the components are stored within the handle of the prodder.The unique design saves on space and allows the product to be stored and carried in pouches or pockets. The prodder can be assembled for use in under 30 seconds, the product is suited for military and civilian use, on its own or as part of a bespoke kit such as the Personal Minefield Extraction kit. The Compact Mine Prodder can be used in Counter Mine, EOD and Counter IED operations.

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