MD5 Metal Detector

The Guartel Technologies MD5 metal detector is designed for specialist search and exploitation operations. The detector is compact and lightweight and is particularity suited for Special Forces, police special operations and military/police Specialist Search Teams.

The MD5 utilises high speed pulse induction coupled with digital processors and custom designed software. The MD5 is self testing and self calibrating; use of a zero button function allows the user to discriminate readings from targets in close proximity to each other.

The MD5 is of one piece construction using high performance carbon fibre composite tubing and aircraft grade aluminium. The probe is telescopic making the MD5 very compact for carriage and stowage, extending the telescopic probe allows the MD5 to be used in the lying, kneeling and standing position. The MD5 has a folding control turret handle which houses the zero button and LED display module. Power is supplied from 2 x D cell batteries allowing up to 12 hours of use.

The selectable alarm allows the user to have vibrate, visual or audible alarms either singularly or in combination. Volume can be adjusted and the MD5 is supplied with an earpiece, which when fitted mutes the onboard loudspeaker.

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