LCR Lightweight Cable Reels


The Cordwheel is a hand held, lightweight, rugged, ergonomic, multi-function reel used by defence and homeland security for OH&S tangle free handling and storage of cables, optical fibre, detonator cord, firing cable, rope, tape, hose and wire.

The Cordwheel is manufactured from impact resistant polypropylene and is UV stabilised and chemical resistant; it can be used in the harshest environmental conditions.

The Cordwheel is ideal for use by signals specialists, EOD Teams, Combat Engineers & Dive Teams

Pack Reel

The Pack Reel is a small rugged lightweight ergonomic reel that can be operated by a gloved hand in any conditions to deploy hook and line, firing cable, detonator cord, comms cable, rope, wire and cord. The Pack Reel can be attached to a soldiers webbing or pack carried. For storage the reel can be easily stacked on each other. The Pack Reel manufactured from high impact copolymer and ABS and is UV stabilised and flame resistant.

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