INFLATABLE MINE SHOES Boots-mine Prevention

The Guartel Inflatable Mine Shoes are designed to provide a means to safely traverse a mined area where there is a threat from pressure activated land mines.

The shoes work by spreading the weight of the wearer through a metallic frame and transferring the weight through 5 user inflated air-cushions located the canvas carrier in each shoe. The system reduces the ground bearing pressure below the thresholds typically needed to initiate an Anti-Personnel mine.

The Inflatable Mine Shoes have been proven in many theatres of operation by both military and by UN Demining organisations worldwide.

The shoes can also be utilised as a floatation aid for wet obstacle crossing.

System Characteristics

2 shoes supplied in a Cordura™ nylon carry bag with2 spare user replaceable air cushions.
Each shoe manufactured from nylon reinforced PVC
Frame manufactured from non-magnetic aluminium and steel alloy.
Weight 2.6 Kg
Air Volume 25 litres
Operating Temperatures -5⁰C to +45⁰C
Storage -10⁰C to +60⁰C

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