Demining Visor with Helmet

Developed in accordance with United Nations International Mine Action Standards, the Guartel Lightweight Demining Helmet and Visor is a high quality product suited to endure harsh use in extreme environments where demining operations tend to take place. The deminer can wear the system comfortably for up to 8 hours. The product is modular allowing the user to quickly replace either the visor or helmet.

The lightweight helmet is used as a comfortable means of mounting the protective visor which allows the system to be worn for long periods in hot conditions. The helmet conforms to UK Health and Safety standards. The helmet can be adjusted to accommodate a range of head sizes.

The visor is manufactured from 5.5mm polycarbonate giving a V50 level of 240 m/s. To meet IMAS requirements the visor extends to cover the throat and face of the wearer and also extends to the top of the helmet giving full frontal protection to the head face and throat area and to interface with a suitable demining vest/apron.

2 self adhesive anti-scratch films are supplied to protect the visor from scratches and scrapes.

The helmet and visor are supplied in nylon carry bag

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