MD8+ Metal Detector

The Guartel MD8+ is a hand held metal detector (HHMD) suitable for use by both civilian and military agencies and can be used for

  • Mine Detection/Clearance
  • Explosive Ordnance Clearance
  • Post Blast Scene Search
  • Area Search

The MD8+ utilises high-speed pulse induction to provide optimum sensitivity capable of detecting all currently deployed minimum metal AP and AT mines or small metallic targets.

Automatic in both calibration and detection it is self-adjusting to the operating environment and because of its simplicity of use requires only minimal training.

All components are integrated into a single unit obviating the need for external power packs and cables.

The design and manufacture provides a rugged, sealed, water resistant and highly reliable detector capable of being operated in all climatic conditions.

The novel detector head design and the LED array located on the turret helps facilitates the pinpointing of target munitions under the most difficult of conditions including the location of small targets in close proximity to large ones.

Incorporated, comprehensive automatic self-test procedures are confirmed to the operator by a confidence tone.

A minimum of 12 hours consistent operation performance from 3 quality manganese alkaline D cell batteries is ensured by an automatic power management system.

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